Klub Verboten Cats

I did this promo shoot with two happy cats for Klub Verboten.

Actor's headshot with Nicola Gossip

The next winter headshots I produced were for the lovely Nicola Gossip.

Actor's headshot with Hiroe Takei

I had a pleasure to produce some headshots for Hiroe Takei.

Just Like Real Life by Video Show

One of my first jobs of 2019 was creating new images for ‘Just Like Real Life’, a Video Show’s project. https://wearevideoshow.com


I’m finally able to share the results of collaboration with Nikita Chernyshov.

All clothes, direction and styling by Nikita Chernyshov.

Identities: Nikita, Jerry, Tommaso, Thamiel

Make Up: Jerry Whjin

Hair: Ilian Vi


In late December I did a photoshoot with a London College of Fashion student, Youbin Lee. All pictured garments modelled by Nick are Youbin’s designs.

Actor Headshots - Louise Kempton

I had a pleasure to shoot headshots for Louise Kempton.